Web application design for an early-stage startup

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Debtle is a software platform for service-providers in the healthcare sector to settle their debt directly with their customers without the use of debt collection agencies. Currently Debtle has a MVP that is being used in pilot programs across different cities in the United States.


  1. Revamp the UI design of their existing dashboard-style web application.

  2. Create a feature that will allow Debtle to Automate Financial Assistance Applications for their client's customers.

  3. Re-design the checkout and payments flow to allow traditional and non-traditional payment methods.

Project Scope

Added new features

In collaboration with the client, I designed the user flows and screens for the following:

  • Onboarding flow

  • Financial assistance application flow

  • Checkout and payments flow

Improved UI Design

By applying UI design fundamentals and best practices I revamped the UI design of the dashboard to make it easier to navigate and more engaging.

Interactive Prototype

I created an interactive prototype in Figma to help Debtle conduct demos with investors, startup accelerators and potential customers.

Case study under construction...